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Reederei Cassen Eils - About us

The Cassen Eils shipping company, based in Cuxhaven, is the oldest shipping company offering transportation to Heligoland. The flagship of the fleet, MS “Helgoland”, is ultra-modern and runs to the peninsula on environmentally-friendly liquid gas the whole year round, also providing supplies to the island through the transportation of the containers. Furthermore, seasonal trips are offered from Bremerhaven, Hooksiel and Büsum to Heligoland. The shipping company also operates a link to the island of Neuwerk and offers various excursions, for example to the seal banks or the North Sea-Baltic Sea canal. Last but not least, the company organises excursion trips with the MS "WEGA II" from Fedderwardersiel.



Heligoland – the holiday destination in the North Sea. Welcome to Germany’s smallest nature reserve! Heligoland lies approximately 70 kilometres from the mainland, far out into the North Sea. This results in the unique oceanic climate on the island. The mighty red sandstone cliffs project up in the middle of the North Sea, housing whole colonies of birds and also providing a home for the 1,500 inhabitants of Heligoland. Whereas the main island is full of lively hustle and bustle, the “Düne” islet impresses visitors with its idyllic calm in the middle of untouched natural landscape. The island’s special location far out in the German Bight not only gives rise to its unique ocean climate, but also to the mild temperatures which prevail all year round and the wonderfully clear water which enchants many thousands of visitors per year. 

The Cassen Eils shipping company offers a regular ferry from Cuxhaven to Heligoland the whole year round. In addition it operates seasonal ferries from Bremerhaven, Hooksiel and Büsum. 

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Cuxhaven/Bremerhaven/Büsum/Hooksiel - Heligoland

Neuwerk – an island in the Elbe estuary

The island of Neuwerk lies in the centre of the Elbe estuary. In terms of political administration it belongs to the City of Hamburg (Germany), as do the Nigehörn and Scharhörn islands, and several sand banks. This little island, measuring approximately three km2, and the wide mudflats surrounding it are of great significance as a habitat, amongst other things for many species of bird. Not least for this reason, it forms the centre of the Hamburg Wattenmeer (mudflat shallows) National Park.

Holidaymakers come to the island primarily because of its untouched natural landscape and the lack of noise prevailing there. Day guests frequently visit on foot through the mudflats or in one of the horse-drawn carriages, and then return to Cuxhaven on the MS “Flipper”.

Excursions to the North Sea-Baltic Sea canal or to the seal banks

SEAL BANKS - Cuxhaven "Alte Liebe" harbour

Ready for an excursion that will take your breath away? Then come aboard the MS "Flipper"! The Cassen Eils shipping company takes you to the North Sea–Baltic Sea canal, one of the most well-frequented waterways in the world.

Starting in Cuxhaven, this excursion leads you past historic buildings such as the Steubenhöft. Many Germans said farewell to their homeland from this building in the early 20th century, emigrating to locations all over the world. The harbour facilities, including the Europakai (Europe Quay) in Cuxhaven are also quite impressive. In Brunsbüttel, the MS "Flipper" will pass through the locks twice. This is a very special experience! 

Timetable and rates (german)

SEAL BANKS - Cuxhaven "Alte Liebe" harbour

From April onwards, the excursion ship MS "Flipper" takes its guests almost daily from Cuxhaven to the seal banks in the Elbe estuary. At low tide, the sand banks are exposed and are populated by whole herds of seals which rest from their diving expeditions here.

The trip leads a good 10 kilometres up the Elbe, and the ship repeatedly comes so close to the animals - but not close enough to disturb them - that you can observe and photograph them. The trip also gives you a great view of the port of Cuxhafen with its Europakai (Europe Quay). A great excursion for all the family!

Timetable and rates (german)

WEGA II - Fedderwardersiel harbour 

With the excursion ship "WEGA II", you can go from Fedderwardersiel harbour to the peninsula of Butjadingen on very different excursion trips in the mudflat shallows: Pirate trips in the sea, to the “Robbenplate” lighthouse, a trip into the mudflats or to the “Langlütjen” seal bank, and much more.

The "Wega II timetable" is available to download as a pdf in the German language. Due to the limited space capacities, early procurement of tickets, in particular for trips marked as special trips, is recommended!

For booking or for information about our ferry boats to the islands Helgoland, Neuwerk or other excursions please contact us via phone +49 (0)4721/66760-0 or send an e-mail to infomailcassen-eils .de